Busy or Lazy, You Can Still Cook & Eat Healthy!

Yes, that's right. Busy or lazy, you can still eat & even cook healthy.

And the important thing is to eat variety of vegetables, not just potatoes & tomatoes.

Then the question is how?

How are we gonna do? We don’t have time or energy left to cook even one dish after a long, stressful day, let along multiple dishes? (forget the time we have for Facebook or Youtube!)

And the answer is this. “Japanese stock dishes” or jobi-sai, in Japanese.

The idea is simple.

Have some pre-cooked side dishes always stock & ready in the fridge (or freezer)

* And some nice glass containers (no need to be expensive, you can get nice ones from BB&B or Amazon) make this stock dishes more appealing and fun : ) I. by the way, use this special glass containers from Japan, called "Noda-horo". 


With these "stock dishes (jo-bi-sai), when you get home, you can either make one main dish, and eat them as side dishes, 

Or if you really don’t have time or energy, just eat them, with brown rice and miso soup. (yes, always make sure you have some kind of whole grains in your meal) 

Either way, you can eat a very healthy & balanced meal, with variety of vegetables. 

Now, here is my suggestion.

Allocate some time during the week for cooking. Yes,  you still have to make some effort. No pain, no gain! 

You can even divide time for, say, 1) shopping on friday 2) cutting veggies on saturday, and 3) cooking on sunday. Each job takes only about 30min or so. 

And then store them in separate containers in the fridge or freezer. they last 3-5 days.  So if you prep them on weekends, you can enjoy them throughout the week!

And ideally, with brown rice (or other whole grains) and miso soup to complete as a good HFD meal. *more about "Human Food Diet", click here.

And of course, it’s great if you can cook rice and make miso soup everyday, but this too can be done more easily.

One suggestion for busy people is to get a good rice cooker with timer (Japanese one is best. Available on Amazon), just as all the good Japanese people do.

And for miso soup, I came up with this revolutionary recipe, "Instant Miso Soup!" . With that, all you have to do is you can just pour hot water in a cup and ready. 

Once you make it a habit, "eating healthy & balanced" becomes much easier, and you will become healthier and ultimately, happier : )

So start "stock dishes" now!

* recipe for instant miso soup, please contact me via contact page

October cooking classes (weekday & weekend), "Cooking for Busy (Lazy) People-- Stock Dishes"