Human Food Diet Cooking Class in Hawaii

I had a great opportunity to share such wonderful time with people in Hawaii. After introducing the concept of Human Food Diet, I showed some simple recipes using local ingredients from the nearby farmer's market. Instant miso soup & fried tempeh in sour soy marinating sauce (namban zuke) were a good hit!

I also made brown rice salad, and sweet potato-banana pudding (no sweetener added).

People were so enthusiastic about learning, so there were lots of questions and discussion, such a lively workshop : )

My message is always simple.

Eat Human Food Diet, designed by the nature, and the way people have been traditionally eating around the world.

Create your daily dietary foundation around : 

1) Whole grains, 2)variety of vegetables, 3) protein--bean or fish

in addition, a cup of home made miso soup a day.

Now your health is guaranteed : )

Mahalo~! and see you again!

* Here is an article by Andrea from VWJ magazine, on this workshop. click here