Finding Your Inner-Self. 12/2 Workshop

What if depression is an intestinal disorder? Researchers are now coming to consensus that most of the health conditions, both physical & mental,  can be caused or at least related to our gut condition. And your diet plays a dominant role to create it. We had such a wonderful evening at Jin's workshop series in Harlem on 12/2!

Action Plan -- Let's Make Miracles Happen!


1 Eat prebiotic diets with some probiotic foods

  *prebiotic food = foods to grow good bacteria & cultivate diversity in gut flora                                                                                          

     fibers e.g. whole grains, vegetables, beans, seaweeds & other plant foods

   *probiotic food = food that contains good bacteria, new seeds for your gut flora

      e.g. miso, tempeh, sauerkraut & other brine based pickles (no vinegar based),etc

2 Eat less "flora devastating foods"

     e.g. fatty (animal foods), sugary foods, which grow bad bacteria

3 Be open to bacteria

     don't be obsessed with cleanliness! welcome any bacteria to your garden : )


Action Plan for Meat & Sugar Lovers

1 Eat them only when your gut flora is healthy and diverse.

  Stay away from them when you are not feeling well!

2 Eat meat with plenty of fiber (vegetables & whole grains)

   not just salad!

3 Have miso soup after you had sugar


Action Plan When You're Taking Antibiotics

This is an opportunity to re-create your gut flora!

1 Eat extra probiotic (fermented) foods

   especially miso soup

2 Eat plenty of fiber

3 Stay away from fatty, sugary foods


One Cup of Miso Soup a Day Keeps a Doctor Away!

Miso has both plenty of probiotic and prebiotic all in one, full of lactobacillus and tryptophan (main component of serotonin & dopamine)

It's easy to make (video recipe below), but if you have no time or for traveling, make this instant miso! *recipe, under the video

Instant Miso Soup


miso paste (preferably 3 year miso)

   *recommended brand is South River, or any organic miso that aged at least 1 year.

    do NOT buy them at Asian/Japanese grocery stores.

dried daikon (radish)

   *available at some health food stores or Asian/Japanese grocery stores.(or online)

dried cut wakame seaweed

   *available at some health food stores or Asian/Japanese grocery stores.(or online)

mix all well in a bowl

store them in container in the fridge (last months or years)

put 1 tea spoon of instant miso in a tea cup and pour hot water, stir well and enjoy!