Ebola, Measles, whatever, strengthen your immunity!

Ebloa or not, Strengthen Your Immune System to Protect Yourself

As serious as the eblola epidemic might be, there are always something out there.
Remember SARS? or west nile virus? And every year, flu affects millions of Americans.
Whatever the problem is, ultimately you have to protect yourself.
That is, "Strengthen your own immune system!"


Sugar is one of the biggest "immune weakening foods".
Studies have shown that after ingesting sugar, the white blood cells (major immune cells) are temporarily paralyzed.
Generally, virus and bacteria are more attracted to sugary liquid in the lab tests. 
In other words, the higher the blood sugar level, the more susceptible you become  to infections. In fact, the diabetics are more prone to infectious diseases. 

Refined (white) sugar requires huge amount of vitamins (especially Bs) and minerals (calcium) for its metabolism, which also leads to overall immune weakening. 
Not to mention, virus, bacteria and even cancer cells thrive and grow on sugar.
Sugar not only makes you vulnerable to infections, but also delays the healing process or even worsens the conditions. 
Just cutting down on sugar (or 0 sugar is even better) can be a big protection from pathogens. 


As you probably know, flu virus are cultured on egg yolk in the laboratories. 
You can find eggs in various foods, from pastries, ice cream, croissant, pastas, and so on.
I'd suggest you stay away from them if you want a quick recovery. Don't cultivate virus inside your body~!

Meat & dairy

They are highly acid-forming foods (so are sugar and eggs), which creates acidic (abnormal, toxic) condition inside your body.
Acidic blood is a perfect hotbed where virus can thrive and grow. 

Meat and dairy mess up your intestinal flora, too.
The result?
Your gut environment becomes more attractive to virus and "bad bacteria", while it's having less "friendly bacteria" to fight against those pathogens. 
Meat & dairy also require tremendous energy for digestion, so most of the enzymes have to be used to break down those heavy foods instead of fighting off viruses.
Another condition for delayed healing or worsening the conditions. 

What can we do?

First and foremost, stay away from the foods mentioned above, as much as you can.
Those foods are not healthy for general health anyway.
Eat simple, alkaline forming foods. a.k.a, healthy, balanced diet centered around vegetables,whole grains and other plant based whole foods.
Especially beta-carotene rich vegetables e.g. pumpkins and carrot, are shown to have anti-infection effect.  

Also, chewing is one of the easiest way to protect from infections. 
Saliva contains very strong antiseptic agents, and chewing also stimulates thymus gland to produce T cells, a main immune cells. 

Umeboshi plum has a very strong antiseptic effect, and is called "King of Alkaline", which neutralizes the acid-forming effect of other foods such as sugar, alcohol etc.
Miso soup is another great alkaline forming food, and full of probiotics to create healthy intestinal flora.

If you get sick...

Be more strict on sugar, eggs, meat and dairy. Even ZERO, if possible, until condition improves. Fruits, despite the common belief, are not effective in this case and could even worsen your healing process due to its high sugar content. 

Eat less portion in general and keep yourself slightly hungry to stimulate your pituitary gland and focus your energy on healing instead of digestion

Have umesho bancha tea every morning, which is a great remedy for prevention and healing for infectious diseases. And include miso soup in your daily meal. 

recipe for umesho bancha tea
recipe for miso soup *see the video on the front page

Since I started to eat healthily, I never had a bad cold or flu, without flu shot.
Ultimately, your health is your own responsibility.
As winter approaches, eat healthy, protect yourself, and have a wonderful season~!!

Peace, Jin Hirata


Get umeboshi plum from health food stores such as Whole Foods, not from Japanese grocery stores.(they contain too much additives and no health benefit)
If you have high blood pressure and other serious conditions, please consult with your physician.