"Spring Detox-Beyond Green Juice" in Brooklyn NYC Jin's Workshop Series 1

Thank you for coming to my workshop, first time in Brooklyn! 9 people joined my workshop on this beautiful saturday morning at a vegan-macrobiotic cafe, MYKITCHEN IN BROOKLYN. After my 1 hour lecture on "Detox, more natural & holistic approach", spectacularly delicious vegan-macro lunch was served, prepared by Chef Kimiko, and we had such a blessing time together.

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In the lecture, I talked about how it is important to shift your daily diet from LAD (liver abusing diet, a.k.a. typical American diet according to USDA) to LND (liver nourishing diet), and to take care of your detox organ, the liver, throughout the year.

Green juice can be helpful to some degree as a healthy "boost" for your detox organ, but it's not a real solution. Unless you change your overall diet from LAD to LND, it could be like drinking "red bull", masking the real problem, and your liver will eventually crash!

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*Above. LAD is based on "Typical American Diet" by the agricultural fact sheet by USDA. LND is based on Human Food Diet by my theory (Human Food Diet).


Now, here are some of the highlights that I made in my lecture.

1 Energy of Spring 

Spring has this "light, outward, come-out" energy, which affects everything, including us. And this energy stimulates "detox" or "cleansing" of human body. "Spring symptoms" such as allergies, skin problems, headaches, fever, sore throat, fatigue, sleep problems and even mental-emotional imbalance etc are all body's natural attempt for cleansing and eliminating the waste from our system.

2 Detox organ, the liver 

Our detox organ, liver, is such a hard working organ, constantly breaking down all the toxins, fat and other impurities in the blood, aside from 500 other functions! But in spring, the liver is particularly busy doing the "spring cleaning" job. So it's important to take care of your liver, not only in spring but throughout the year. And that is more natural & holistic approach to detox, as opposed to "quick fix" like green juice. 

3 Physical & Visual Signs when your liver is asking for your attention

Here are some signs when your liver needs more attention. 

+Swelling and pain --- touch and gently press along the right rib cage.

+Fatigue --- always feeling tired, trouble getting up from bed in the morning

+Eyes, vision --- red eyes, dry, itchy eyes, eye mucus, yellowed eye, vision problems

+Cramps, muscular problems --- excess uric acid

+Fatty food cravings

+Lines or red color between eye brows

+Yellowed,  discolored or disfigured big toe nails

+Anger, irritability, impatience

How many signs you already have?


4 How to take care of your liver, the detox organ

Three Major Liver Stressors

1 Fat, fatty foods

2 Sugars

3 Alcohol, drugs, chemicals --- processed foods, pesticide and hormones & antibiotics in animal foods 

According to USDA, typical American diet mostly consists of these "liver stressors", along with "pill-popping" culture. So I call it "LAD, or Liver Abusing Diet & Life Style"

Liver Nourishing Diet

And here's my dietary suggestion for your liver.

Mostly plant based, whole natural foods such as whole grains, vegetables, beans, fruits, etc, because they produce least waste among other foods during metabolism inside the body. Also very rich in antioxidants, fiber, minerals, everything your live needs.I also call it "Human Food Diet". 

Liver Friendly Foods

With LND as your core diet, here are some liver friendly foods that you may want to include in your meal, They are all antioxidants, fiber rich, with diuretic effect, and "light, spring energy"


+dark leafy greens

+daikon radish -- especially grated daikon has a powerful fat dissolving effect

+citrus fruits --- small portion, please! not a few glasses of lemon juice!

+miso ---powerful detox effect

+umeboshi pickled plum --- blood cleansing effect

+burdock root (gobo) --- liver tonic in Asia

+Barley -- spring grain

and many more.

Life Style for your Liver

+Eating less, or even fasting, could give some rest to the hardworking detox organ

+No late night eating-drinking, so the liver can rest at night

+Regular, gentle exercise to promote natural flow of blood, lymph and energy

+Stress management


In spring, your liver is working so hard for you, so please pay more attention, respect and gratitude to your liver.

Send smily face and "thank you" to it from time to time : )


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What the participants say....

"I'm so happy and lucky for being here, thank you for your help. That was wonderful. Hope to see you again!" Anna Pujols

Thank you Jin, for all the informative materials about the organ, 'Liver"! Today, I'm more aware and equipped about taking steps to promote my overall health. Blessings and immense gratitude!" Ksher J B

"I learned spring is the detox season in the natural world. and liver is important for it. My life must be changed by what I learned in this class. Thank you very much for wonderful lecture for healthy life" Mio Nagata

"Nice juice to open up. The talk was informative and I appreciate the contrast of the typical diet to the idealized form. The plating of the meal looks fantastic" Jonathan Greenman

"It was very clear explanation. I have basic knowledge but I learned a lot of new information today. Please keep teaching whole seasons." Moet Okayama.

"This was a wonderful workshop. It would be great if there is another workshop on the pancreas. I learned so much from this workshop." Ivy Greenman.