Lecture in Fukuoka, Japan

On 1/12, 2015, I had the second lecture in my hometown Fukuoka, Japan, with Mr. Kenji Okabe, one of the leading macrobiotic teachers in Japan. This event draw more than 110 people, and we shared such a positive, and wonderful time together. 

The theme of my lecture was "Amazing healing power of traditional Japanese food", and I shared some of my experiences as a food doctor in New York, and talked about how miso, umeboshi and other foods have been helping people for healing. Then I emphasized how traditional Japanese diet, which consists mainly of grains, vegetable, beans and soy bean products, could help heal the world. 

After 2 lectures, we took questions from the audience, who asked us for advice on their or their families' personal health issues. 

After the events, Mr. Okabe and I did quick counseling sessions, 3 clients for each.   

*My one hour lecture is divided into 3 videos due to the size of the file. Only in Japanese and no English subtitle.