Semi Fasting for Allergy Season

I did a much needed semi fasting this Monday, 4/20. The purpose is to give some rest to my digestive organs and system, e.g. stomach, pancreas, intestines & especially liver, so that they can restore their energy and function more optimally. Also It's allergy season, and this can be a great chance to recharge my body so I can enjoy this beautiful season. Here is how I did it and how it went. 


It's spring! with all the new, young energy all over. Look at daffodils, crocus, tulips and cherry blossom, and that sweet aroma of lilacs. So inviting that I just can't walk without stopping to smell and taking photos.

But for some (or many these days), it's a tough season. Yes, allergies. 

Instead of taking allergy pills or local honey, I decided to do "semi-fasting", which is more common in holistic medicine in Japan. 

The idea is that we are giving too much stress to our body 24/7, with heavy foods and over-eating,  and these "exhausted organs" are not functioning optimally (understandably).

So I gave some "spring break" to my body, mainly for my liver, by not eating throughout the day.

But 100% fasting could be a bit too much, or even dangerous to some people (especially you have some blood sugar problems). So what I did was semi-fasting, with a few cups of amazake drink (fermented brown rice), and brown rice porridge in the evening.

This amazake drink, which covers almost all the basic nutrients that human body needs (it's brown rice after all!), easy to digest because of its super rich enzymes & probiotics, helps maintain healthy blood sugar level throughout the day.

First, I had a small cup of amazake for breakfast. I gently heated it up with a pinch of sea salt and lemon, and slowly drink it with spoon.

 This helped me get through the morning almost no problem. I was feeling light and focused on my work.

I had another small cup around lunch time as well. But around 3pm or so, I started to feel a bit tired, sleepy and hungry or even a bit irritated. In other words, I was having a "hypoglycemic" symptoms, a sign of exhausted pancreas. So I had another small cup again. And it helped! And this really helped me go through the day!

After that, my body seemed to get used to it, and didn't feel hungry or tired much anymore.

Overall, I was feeling so good, especially my head was so clear, and even more energized, and I had such a productive day. 

Around 6:30, I made a small bowl of brown rice porridge (gruel), using leftover rice, with a pinch of sea salt and umeboshi plum. And that was it for the day. 

I had a peaceful and sound sleep that night. And the next day, I woke up so refreshed at 5:30 am!

And now, I'm feeling more energized, my skins feels clearer and smoother and less allergy symptoms than usual. I want to do it more regularly!

Amazake from Bridge, available some health food stores or online.

Amazake from Bridge, available some health food stores or online.