Interview with OSM! MAGAZINE

I'm so honored to be featured & interviewed by OSM magazine. It's very well written on what I've been doing and why I'm doing this. Interview is at the end of this article. Please check it out!   Here is the link to the article. click here


Here is an excerpt from the interview.

1. Everyone wants to be healthy. But choosing healthy foods seems an expensive alternative. Are there more practical and affordable choices of healthy food?

That’s a very important matter. From a societal perspective, the government should subsidize real foods more, so that everyone can afford healthy food choices. “Food desert” issue has to be addressed as well. Having said that, on a personal level, I think it’s a matter of priority in life.

People say we can’t afford organic healthy food but they spend more money on new gadgets, cable TV, expensive shoes and clothing, etc.

The truth is, if you cook at home more often, it won’t empty your wallet as much as you’d think, especially if you spend more on grains and vegetables instead of meat and processed food. Research suggests that for family of 4, cooking at home turned out to be less expensive than eating at McDonald’s.

Consider it as your “health insurance”. Healthy eating overtime could save you a lot on medical bills. One tip is to shop wisely, buy only as much as you use so you won’t waste food.

2. What healthy sources of food (stores) do you recommend in NYC?

I’d suggest everyone go to farmer’s market! Nothing is better than local, seasonal and fresh produce! Also there are many small health food stores around the city. Whole Foods have good stuff, too, if you choose carefully. I suggest you do a healthy food grocery shopping if you don’t know where and how to shop.

For delicious and healthy snacks and lunch, one of my favorites is a cute vegan cafe, MyKitchen in Brooklyn near Williamsburg, where I sometimes do workshops as well.

3. It is said that you are what you eat. Diseases are developed because of unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and stress. What are the basic food to be on the table to maintain good health?

Look at your teeth. Twenty out of 32 are molars and premolars, which are designed to chew and grind whole grains and other fibrous plants. Eight are incisors to cut and shred other vegetables and fruits. Only four are canine for animal foods including fish and sea foods.

Eat close to this ratio, which I call “Human Food Diet”. This is more or less how world’s healthy and long-living population have been traditionally eating. In sum, some whole grains and variety of vegetables should be the center of your daily meal. And to add one more thing, I’d say home-made miso soup!

4. Does a Macrobiotic diet work only when diabetes or cancer are on their early stages? Or does it work all time despite worse conditions?

I cannot say “macrobiotic diet works” for any condition no matter what the stage is. But many thousands of people have actually been healed from serious diseases through this diet even with advance cases such as stage 4 cancers. The human body is so mysterious that you never know what to expect.

Macrobiotic diet is generally designed to restore and maximize the body’s natural healing power. So I’d just say, “Never say never.”

5. What circumstances or who inspired you to choose this holistic health mission in life?

I was a total wreck about 12 years ago and almost died after years and years of abusing my body. A friend of mine from Japan showed me a book on macrobiotics and what it said just made total sense to me. Changing the diet and life style immediately improved my health, and literally turned my life around. Now I barely get sick, and am fully enjoying my life! My passion is to help more people turn their health and life around.