Cooking Class in May "Tropical Touch"

Coconut curry, teriyaki tempeh sandwich & sweet potato-banana pudding. This month's regular class was a bit different, and I shared my wonderful food experience I had in my recent trip to Hawaii. Actually perfect in this summer-like weather here in NYC. We had a group of people visiting NYC for bachelor weekend, along with regulars and new faces. 

Normally in my class, I use local & seasonal ingredients as much as I can to encourage people to eat more in harmony with the environment we live in. Also I usually add a touch of Japanese food influence. But this month, I shared some delicious dishes that either I had or cooked while in Hawaii last March.

The first dish, coconut curry miso soup is what I had at my favorite vegan cafe in Honolulu (Peace Cafe). It can be a good alternative for a regular miso soup, just for a change. 

Second one is teriyaki tempeh burger. Instead of using white sugar, use brown rice syrup for sweetener, just to make it a bit healthier. It can be a great picnic food. Also teriyaki marinated tempeh can be used for BBQ this summer!

Sweet potato & banana pudding. The secret is to steam bananas so that they will be much sweeter and no need for sugar or honey. Just enjoy the natural sweetness from potato & banana! 

As usual, every dish is very simple recipes with simple, fresh and healthy ingredients. Thanks to all the fun-loving, curious and enthusiastic participants, we had such a fabulous Saturday afternoon!

Here are what participants said......

"It's great that I can taste each food, instead of covering up with lots of seasonings."

"I've been looking for healthier choices for my sweet teeth, and this sweet potato & banana pudding is perfect!"

"Very informative, learned a lot. It was fun and the food was delicious. "

"Everything is so easy to make, I'll definitely make all these dishes!"

"What a great way to spend saturday afternoon!"

"Love the teriyaki sauce" 

 And I myself had such a wonderful time in the class.

Very looking forward to seeing more people in the next classes~!

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