Healing Food Cooking Class

With variety of vegetables,  cooking methods, & of course, lots of love & caring, you can create a fabulous feast. I had such a joyful time with a group of 6 women in this healing food cooking class.


Food can be so powerful. And it's proven by so many people's amazing experiences as well as hundreds of studies & researches. "But can dishes without meat, sugar, or dairy be really satisfying?" That's what we explored in this healing food cooking class on this beautiful Saturday morning. 

So called "Standard Healing (macrobiotic) Dishes", the menu and recipes are so simple & easy that anybody can make these dishes even after a long working day. And lots of different types of vegetables and cooking methods give you a wide variety of flavor, texture, nutrients and health benefits. And most of all, they are delicious and satisfying!

These dishes can be included in your daily diet, or be eaten safely by those in healing diet (even strict ones) as well.


brown rice (whole grain), the core food in healing diet, which provides most of the nutrients we need, with lots of fiber.

quick pickling salad, adds freshness and crunchiness, & living enzymes to help digestion & improve immunity

bean dish(chick pea), great source of protein with lots of fiber, vitamins and good fat

nishime style vegetable stew, "calming" food, with natural sweet taste of vegetables

steamed kale, rich in antioxidants & fiber *w/ ume-lemon dressing

nori seaweed condiment, great mineral supplement, helps you eat more whole grains w/ joy

cooked apple & kudzu, gently satisfies your sweet teeth

After the class, we had lunch with all the dishes we made. I wasn't sure if they were really satisfied with these simple vegan dishes, but all participants gave me good feedback : )

"Didn't know what to do with kale, but I found that this steaming kale is so easy, can be cooked in 30 seconds, and it's good!"

" I learned a lot today how to cook vegetables differently, and each one has different flavor and taste"

"I have thyroid issue & diabetes, and I'd like to eat this way from today to heal myself!"

"I was surprised at how dishes without using animal foods or even oil can taste so good"

"That tahini-ume dressing is great!"

*If you like to organize a cooking class with your friends, please contact me or click here for more info. 

Click the image below to see all the photos from the class.