Human Food Diet - Jin's Workshop Series #2

The theme of the workshop this month was “Human Food Diet”, the same title as this whole workshop series.  A diet that we all can benefit from as human species, no matter what your race, sex, age, body size, life style or where you live.

Here is the summary of my lecture in workshop series #2 (May 30, 2015)

1 Everybody is unique

One diet may work for some people but may not work for others. So be careful when choosing what kind of diet or “super food” you’re going to try. Know yourself and your uniqueness first.

2 “Human Food Diet (HFD)” is a diet that we all can benefit from as human species

No matter what your race is, or age, sex, body size, life style or where you live, there is a way of eating that designed by the nature. More natural, more suitable for us as human species. 

3 Dental structure is the first factor to support HFD theory

We have 32 teeth, and 20 are molars and premolars to grind fibrous plants such as grains. 8 are incisors to cut and shred other plants (vegetables, fruits etc). Only 4 are canaine for animal foods. Now if adopt this ratio to a dietary chart, it roughly looks like this (below)


4 Length of intestine is the second factor to support HFD theory

We have a long intestines (20-25 feet), compared to carnivores (lions’ intestine, 10 feet) which are designed to eat more plant based foods rather than animal foods, so the fibers can keep our intestines clean & healthy. Imagine if meat stays inside your hot & humid intestine for hours & hours! This is the second factor to prove we are more vegetarian rather than meat eaters. 

5 Brain-carb relationship is the third factor to support HFD theory

Carb (which turns into glucose, the main source of energy) primarily feeds & nourishes our brain, whose exceptional size and sophisticated function made us so unique compared to other animals. And the carbs in foods that we’ve been eating over thousands of years, especially grains, contributed to the development of our brains. Plant foods especially grains made us human being, and this is the third factor to support HFD theory.

6 There are 2 types of carbs, simple carb (bad carb) & complex carb (good carb)

Complex carbohydrates “Good Carbs” go through normal digestive process to turn into glucose, then absorbed into blood stream, and gently elevate blood sugar level. They are easy on the body & very energy efficient. Simple Carb “Bad Carbs” bypass normal digestive process,violently spike up & down blood sugar level. They are very stressful to the body & energy inefficient. Which one do you think our bodies want to use as the main source of energy?

7 Human Food Diet has proven to help people live longer, healthier and happier

This way of eating, more or less, has been traditionally practiced in many cultures in the world, especially those long-lived, healthy population such as Japanese, or other people in “the Blue Zones”.

8 The further from HFD you eat, the more health problems we have

When you eat other than your own food, other than the food designed by the nature, things can go wrong. Mad cow disease was a clear example, and  a warning call for us to eat “our own food”, or “Human Food”. Now the co-relation between how we eat this modern American diet (MAD, below) & how we are all suffering health problems is also a good example.

9 Eating close to HFD is the key to your health, longevity and happiness

Just as those healthy populations have been traditionally eating, if we start eating more Human Food Diet, we can reverse this sad situation and we can still improve our health and achieve longevity & happiness.

10 Practice HFD with its format, and you will be the master of HFD!

Stick to the HFD format (below) wherever you are, either cooking at home, eating out or getting take-out.. #1 whole grains, #2 variety of vegetables #3 plant based protein or fish.Overtime, your judgement of food choice will be more honed & refined, then it’ll be much easier to decide what to eat. You won’t get confused by fad diets or new theories. You will be the master of HFD!

Last but not least....

"Everything Changes”, that’s the nature’s order

Our body is constantly changing, and everyday, millions of old cells are dying, replaced with new ones. In 10 days, your white blood cells, 120 days red blood cells, in 5 months, all the liver cells, then in 7 years, the entire body cells will be renewed.  And that’s where we see the possibility for healing. “Everything changes” is the nature’s law and we cannot stop it. But whether you can reverse your condition and create healthy cells, organs & body depends on what you eat. 

So let’s start eating Human Food Diet, eat the way the mother nature designed for us. That’s the key to your health, longevity and happiness.


Comments from the participants

“Happy to be at this workshop. I learned about the brain and the fuel of good carbohydrates that help, and its function” Zita

“I’m grateful to the awareness of human body structure and what we are designed to eat. The digestive syste,. the brain and overall food choices can promote our health, longevity and happiness.Thrilled to be at this workshop! Blessing and warmth!” Kasher

“I always learn new information with you, and exchange with people are very interesting. Thank you!!” Moet

"Great! enjoyed your HFD theory and information.” Bill

“I really like that you focused on the human brain, intestines regarding human food diet theory history.” Karen

“I really liked reference to USDA, MAD/SAD, further away from human food diet, the more diseases. Also liked the discussion, comments from the group. Blue zone, brain size-carbs, very interesting.” Peter

click the image below for the slides of photos.

This concept, "Human Food Diet" is the very message that I'd like to deliver to the world as a food doctor, and reach out to as many people as possible to help them make the right decision of food choice so they can improve their health and heal from suffering. 

This "Human Food Diet (HFD)" is the “signature theme” of my lectures & workshops. So if you organize workshops or lecture on ”Human Food Diet”, I’ll be there!

*Also, this is going to be the main content of my first book I’m currently working on.