June Cooking Class - Eating in Summer Heat

We had such a fun evening on Wednesday 6/17th in the cooking class. 6 people, including 2 11yo children, worked together to create 3 healthy & tasty dishes.

1 Summer Noodle Salad (w/ginger soy dressing)

2 Sesame Miso Soup

3 Amazake Fruits Pound Cake

This time, participants were decided into 3 groups (2ppl each), each of which was in charge of one dish, while others helped cutting vegetables & fruits.

2 children, Daria & Milo did a fabulous job to bake this pound cake, so 2 loaves were immediately disappeared.

Summer noodle salad were made by Andrea & Evelyn, both of whom were seasoned cooks and knew what to do, did the job so smoothly & quickly. And we all loved this refreshing Asian salad. As Andrea pointed out, this technique, pressed salad can be used for variety of dishes, such as coleslaw, bean salad, rice/grain salad etc, and easier to digest while enzymes are intact.

Sesame miso soup is another variety of this super food, miso soup, and cooked by 2 new faces, Mitchie & Soyna, with a help of everyone who fiercely ground the sesame. Again, the end result was so fantastic that Milo had to have another cup! 

As Daria said so beautifully, "Healthy food can taste good!". Especially when we are having fun while cooking together, we are putting lots of love and positive energy into foods, and makes even more delicious  : )

And remember, "Avoid ice cold drink & food" & "Eat both cooling food & warming food to make a balance in your meal".

All are very simple, easy, and not time consuming, while very nourishing to your body and soul. If interested, I offer private lesson, or group lesson with the same recipes.

The next class (with the same menu) is 6/27 saturday at 4pm.

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