Lesson From A Competitive Eater!?

Takeru Kobayashi is a world-renowned competitive eater from Japan, especially known as  6-consecutive-year winner of July 4th hot dog eating contest.  

Mind you, I don’t approve the very idea of competitive eating. such a waste of food!!


In a recent interview, he was sharing a secret of how he can eat so many hot dogs in such a shot time (more than 50 in 12min!).

And this is how. 

He first cuts the sausage into 2 and swallows them with just a few bites, which saves a lot of time, according to him. And that’s an easy part, he says. The difficult part is the bread because it’s so dry and hard to just swallow. So he soaks the whole bread in water, shoves it into his mouth, then swallows it.

But here is the real secret. It has to be warm water, never cold one that he soaks the bread in. 

Why? According to him, if it’s soaked in cold water, his stomach shrinks and tightens up,  loses it flexibility, while warm one relaxes and expand the organ, better for digestion. 

Eastern medicine says cold food and drink “damp the digestive fire”, and suggest that we stay away from them especially “before, during and after meal” since it could cause indigestion and other digestive problems. 

In fact, stomach needs certain flexibility for its optimal function, and cold food/drink have the opposite (negative) effect. 

I don’t know if Takeru is familiar with this Eastern teaching or knowledge of human anatomy, probably he just learned from his own experience. But this is a very good lesson for us, especially during the hot and humid summer when we tend to reach for ice cold water, smoothie, beer, ice cream, frozen yogurt, or frappuccino.

70 millions American are said to suffer from some type of digestive problems every day.

Although there are many causes for that. But this simple act, staying away from ice cold food/drink, may worth trying to help relieve some conditions. 

And my secret?

When I drink ice cold drink, I keep in my mouth for a while till it warms up a bit, then swallow it. It's still refreshing and easy on you stomach.  

Be gentle on your stomach and enjoy this vibrant season!