Lecture Tour in Japan

January in 2016, I made a lecture tour in Japan, 9 places in 4 cities. "Human Food Diet" and "Finding Inner-Self, Creating Your Healthy Gut Flora" were the two main themes. 

1/13 Fukuoka at a vegan restaurant, Hanafusa

1/15 at a health insurance company, part of corporate wellness program

1/16 with mothers & babies

1/17 at Macrobiotic House, w/ building contractors. followed by cooking demo

1/17 also at Macrobiotic house, with macrobiotic sweets

1/19 in Mie, at a vegan cafe Veggie Veggie

1/23 in Kobe city, at a vegan cafe Pink Weed

1/24 in Osaka, at a vegan cafe Bon Apetit