Real Solution for Your Healthy Gut Flora

Probiotics, or foods (supplements) with good bacteria such as lactobacillus will continue to be a big trend in 2016.

While natural yogurt, kombucha, supplements might be rich in probiotics, taking them is not enough to create healthy gut flora.

Eating probiotic food is like a planting seeds of good bacteria such as lactobacillus or bifidobacteria in your flora.

Now you have to feed them to grow.

What is the food for them?

That’s fiber. 

And of course, fiber rich foods include such as whole grains, vegetables, beans, seaweeds are their favorite foods. (Now they are called “pre-biotic” foods)

In other words, even if you’re eating Greek yogurt every morning, or taking probiotic supplements, yet your everyday meal consists of high fat, high sugar foods & less fiber (a.k.a. typical American diet), you’re wasting your energy (and money). Because you’re not growing the seeds that you just planted. Besides, those foods are actually bad bacteria’s favorite foods!

So here is the real solution for healthy gut flora. "Eat both pro- & pre- biotic foods"

Create your everyday meal with fiber rich whole grains, vegetables, beans (or other natural plant protein food) and fruits. And add some naturally fermented food such as miso soup or natural pickles. 

Miso soup, natural sauerkraut (w/o vinegar) are, in fact, a perfect foods for your healthy gut flora, because they have both "pro & pre" : )

But then again,  most importantly, shift your daily diet to more “fiber rich (prebiotic)”, plant based diet this year!