Jin's 3 Secrets for Balanced Meal

Here are Jin's "3 secrets" to create healthier & more balanced meal that TRULY improve your health, which I introduced in the workshop at Cookspace in Honolulu last week. 

first and foremost, this is, in my opinion, how we as humans are designed to eat by the nature, which  I call Human Food Diet.

But how exactly can we eat to make it "mostly plant based"?  

So I've created a dietary format, which will help you create more balanced, plant based meal.

Especially I emphasize "variety of vegetables", not just tomatoes & potatoes & lettuce & spinach.  because each veggie has its own unique nutritional value. say, greens are high in vitamin C, which improve your immune system, while roots are rich in carbs, which gives you more energies. 

So eat veggies from 3 categories as much as you can, because the more variety you eat, the more balanced and nourishing your plate will be!

Now, vegetables shouldn't be reduced to just salad. There are so many ways to enjoy them. Eat in variety of cooking styles, which makes your meal more enjoyable & satisfying!

Now, here's the most unique aspect of Jin's secrets. "Energy of food".

Each food has its unique & different energy and different impact on us, beyond nutrients and calories. 

Eating food & dishes with different energy creates more "inner balance".  For example, "cooling & light" salad, "warming & heavy" stew, "soft" tofu or avocado, "hard and chewy" root veggies or nuts & seeds, "quick" saute or steam vs "long" baked casseroles etc. Decide "which energy you want or need" depends on how you are feeling today, or weather & season!

Now, last but not least, adding some Japanese touch.


Traditional Japanese foods add not only unique umami flavor, but also amazing healing benefits to your meal, especially miso.

here are some of the AMAZING healing properties of miso,

I always recommend that you have "a cup of miso soup a day" which "keeps a doctor away" : ) And many people reported to me that once they started to eat miso soup regularly, they've improved their health. 

Now that you've learned these "3 secrets" to create healthier and more balanced meal that TRULY promote your health, please try them for 2 weeks and see how you feel!