Relieving Allergies Naturally

Relieving Allergies Naturally

Allergies are seen as "discharge of excess", according to Eastern medicines. Also a sign of "liver qi stagnation", where the free flow of liver energy is somewhat "stuck".  *qi means energy in Chinese medicines.

Apparently, mucus in your runny nose are not from outer space, but from within. When you accumulate too much stuff inside your body, they have to be eliminated one way or the other. Otherwise, your body would be like an overly cluttered room, where you can't even breath! Sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes and skin problems are the body's natural attempt to eliminate "excess.", or "spring cleansing".

So the first (and simplest) thing you can do to relive allergy symptoms is "reduction of excess", that is, EAT LESS.

Your allergy symptoms are telling you, "you are consuming more than you are eliminating." Don't be a hoarder!

As Okinawans say, "Hara-hachibu", eat until 80% full.

And here are the foods especially you can cut down on from your daily diet, so called  "mucus-forming foods", such as ....



fatty foods (meat, eggs, excess oils, nut butter etc)

baked flour foods (bread, pastries, cookies, pretzels, chips, etc)


These are also some of the major "inflammation-causing foods", which also "muddy" your blood.  A.k.a,  "allergy-triggering foods".

Now, next thing you can do is "cleansing" of your blood. 

Umeboshi plum from Japan is one of the best "blood cleansing" foods, thanks to its powerful citric acid, which also helps revitalize your liver.

A substance called mumefral in umeboshi is found to actually cleanse the blood, according to some studies. 
This pickled plums also has antihistamine effect, which helps relieve allergic symptoms as well. 

So, here are the keys to relieve your allergy symptoms more naturally.

1 Eat Less ~ Hara-hachibu

Especially mucus forming, blood muddying foods.

2 Eat Umeboshi plum

To cleanse your blood, which also helps revitalize your liver. 

Now, let's enjoy the season, and all the beautiful spring flowers : )


*more about umeboshi, click here.