Wisdom from Okinawa - Hara Hachibu

When was the last time you felt really hungry? 

To maintain and improve your health, "what you eat" is apparently an important question. But equally important is "how you eat". 

Average American consumes over 3500 kcal/day, and that's 1000 kcal more than Japanese people eat. (obese rate in the US is 36 % while 4% in Japan). 

Our body can digest food only so much that not only could "the excess" lead to overweight, but also put extra stress on all the organs and system, including digestive, cardiovascular, and respiratory system.

In fact, overeating is one of the biggest stressors to your liver & colon

It's said that when you are slightly in a "hungry state", your cells are most active, thus organs and systems are at highest performance, while when you are constantly full, they become "sluggish".

Over-eating also forces majority of enzymes( more than 80%) to work on digestion alone, and little are left to fight against pathogens, which makes us prone to infections or "delayed healing" from illnesses. 

There is a saying in Okinawa, semi-tropical islands in Japan, where one of the healthiest and longest-lived population are living, and the rate of centenarians is exceptionally high,

"Hara Hachibu", which can roughly translate into "Eat until 80% full", or "Stop eating before your stomach is full."

In fact, when I feel hungry between the meal, (forget "snack" sometime for a change!), my head is clearer, and my body also feels more energized, and FEEL GOOD!

This summer, try this wisdom from the world's healthiest people, "Hara Hachibu", along with healthy eating!