Chew, Chew, Chew!

Last month, I talked about how "hara hachibu",eating till 80% full or leaving a bit room left in your stomach will pay off overtime for your health & longevity.

In order to achieve that, here is one practical tip.

After all, we have 20 molars & premolars (62.5% of our teeth), which are primarily designed for thorough masticating. And chewing naturally slows you down, and prevents over-eating. (It takes about 30min for the brain to receive the signal of "fulness" from digestive system.) 

Chewing helps not only better digestion & absorption of nutrients, but also stimulates brain function and entire immune system.

Also alkalinity of digestive enzymes in saliva somewhat neutralize acidic foods as well.

Try 30 times per mouthful as a start, then go for 50 and more.
You will definitely feel the difference!