Jin’s Yin & Yang Macrobiotic Cooking in Hawaii


1 Easy bean salad with tahini-ume-lemon(yuzu) dressing

cabbage,carrot, radish,celery


walnuts or other nuts/seeds *roasted

sea salt 

cilantro or parsley *garnish

cooked bean (chick pea, black soy bean, etc)


umeboshi vinegar

lemon or yuzu


shred or cut very thin all the vegetables (carrot can be cut into matchsticks)

in a big bowl, massage all veggies with pinch of sea salt, until liquid come out and become soft. (about 5 to 10min), let it sit.

for dressing

mix tahini, ume vinegar, lemon(yuzu) for 2:1:2 ratio, and add water to adjust the taste and consistency

squeeze excess water from veggies, mix in the beans, sprinkle sesame, garnish, and serve with dressing

2 Quick pickling

daikon radish or other radish, turnips

leaves of daikon & turnips, if available

sea salt

umeboshi vinegar

lemon or yuzu

dried kombu seaweed or other dried seaweed

sesame *option

slice both veggies, chop some leaves if using

put the veggies, sea salt, kombu, ume vinegar and lemon in a big freezer bag, and massage well. let it sit in the fridge for about 30min to a few hours

drain excess liquid and serve with roasted sesame

3 Sweet potato and banana pudding w/local fruits

sweet potato


fruits (pineapple, kiwi, berries, apples, etc)

sea salt

soy sauce *good quality, traditionally brewed


cocoa or carob powder *option

coconut flakes *option, unsweetened

peppermint leaves *option

peel off the skin of potato

steam potato and banana, with pinch of sea salt

in a big bowl, mix potato, banana, nuts, cocoa, and other chopped fruits

serve chilled or room temp, with peppermint leaves

*Article on my cooking demo at Kakaako market, click here