"I began taking Jin's cooking classes because I wanted to learn how to balance a vegetarian diet. Being in my 50's I felt I couldn't digest animal products the way I did at a young age.  Also the extra lbs. of menopause seemed to be impossible to shed even with much exercise. Now after 2 years of eating Macro not only have I lost the 15 extra lbs. and my allergies are gone, my husband was able to stop using statin drugs because his cholesterol level dropped and my daughterschronic bronchitis and asthma are a thing of the past. I love Jin's recipes. Very easy to make and delicious. In each class we are introduced to a new ingredient, its nutritional value and how it effects our health. I really appreciate how we cook with seasonal local vegetables that Jin purchases from local farmers markets. Being in tune with the season I found I don't suffer from the heat of summer or the cold of winter  the way I did with an unbalanced diet. Thank you Jin for creating this table of food and sharing. "  Andrea H

  "I surprised my doctor with my shrunken fibroid, and now migraines are less then ever. When my son suffered from severe asthma and a sudden Kawasaki disease, I was confident Jin could help him. During his hospital stay, I added macrobiotic foods and remedies, which helped my son with his conditions and made him more comfortable. I'm so grateful to Jin. Jin has been and continues to be a blessing of support to myself and my family.I'm so grateful to him.”   Karen D


   "I have been taking Jin's class for over a year now and I have lost weight, have less seasonal allergies and make better choices about my diet in general.  Jin's gentle "hands on"  approach makes every dish something you can easily repeat at home.The class is usually structured around three dishes, one of which is always a healthy dessert that always satisfies my sweet tooth. Jin creates a wonderful environment for us to work in with fresh veggies in season from the local farmers market and herbs often from his own garden. Everything is presented with a touch of the beauty from his homeland, Japan.  Jin's recipe ideas are exciting, I'm finally learning to appreciate how flavors go together in addition to what healing property the food has and ideas of how to present the food with style. At the end of the class we always end with eating what we cooked.  The people I have met in class have been so nice and it is a pleasure to work together with them and sit and enjoy what we have prepared together.  I always go home looking forward to preparing the recipes for my husband and what we will make in Jin's next class.”  Mary E 


 "I love your class so much. It's so fun and relaxing. By the way, I even made the curry vegetable dish last night for Jon and myself (though I might need to use a less spicy curry).  Plus, the benefit of your class is that I can be much more daring about the vegetables I buy because Jon now eats most vegetables and tempeh!  I even bought the tempeh with flaxseeds (and he ate it!).  Yeah!"  Ivy G -

  "Jin is a wonderful, caring, patient teacher, and his cooking classes have been a fun activity for us to share as a couple.  The classes have opened our eyes to an array of new ingredients from Japan and all over the world - items like sea vegetables and umeboshi pickled plum, fermented ingredients such as miso and natto and a variety of interesting grains and fresh veggies from the farmer's market.  Jin has taught us a healthy, macrobiotic approach to nutrition, and we've prepared many of the recipes at home.  We can honestly say Jin has changed the way we eat - for the better, and the more delicious!"  William M - 

My dear cousin who has been battling with cancer of the colon for seven years,met with her doctor,as the news wasn't what we had anticipated.The cancer has flared!  As the wave of tears flowed and the emotions rock her body in our embraced, comforting her that all will be well!  God is the owner of your life and we have to put our faith in action.That week, we sought to go to the library to research about her cancer and educate ourselves...During that study, we came to the know about microbiotics and the healing of foods.We got in touch that week,with a few angels and ultimately Jin Hirata. We are thankful to God for his direction and the blessing of Jin Hirata in our lives as my cousin's health journey is one of hope.Our warm gratitude to you is something that we will always cherish and appreciate immensly.Blessings!-Kasher & Zita

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