I am a Food Doctor

My passion has always been to contribute to happiness of people.

Everyone, every culture and every country has their own way to do it. 

One day, I realized that I could use my country, Japan’s “healing food culture” to help people become healthier and happier.

Now, I use the power of food, and am helping people improve their health, recover from illnesses, and ultimately achieve their life goals.

I’m a food doctor and healing chef.


Super Food

To improve your gut flora, your mood & your immune system

Good bacteria such as lactobacillus, are known to help protect you from pathogens and improve your immune system.

But recent studies have also discovered that those gut microbes may help improve your mood and even better manage your stress. 

Now, miso, fermented soy bean paste, is full of those bacteria, and miso soup is technically “broth of lactobacillus”. It’s also rich in fiber, which is the favorite food for these friendly bugs!

Making miso soup is easy, takes only 15min or so. But for people like you who are too busy to cook, I've created a revolutionary recipe, "Instant Miso Soup"

Once you make a big portion of it, (takes only 3min), you can keep it in a container in the fridge, and all you have to do is to pour hot water in a tea cup each time. You can also bring it to your travel, too! Now you can enjoy this super probiotic soup every day to improve your healthy and happy gut flora!