Health Coaching

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Health Coaching

from 150.00

In this coaching session, we will find out possible root causes of your current health conditions, as well as your uniqueness, which helps me to create the best possible, detailed action plan to guide you through to your goals.

This is for those who likes to improve over all health, or current diagnosed conditions (minor to major). Or those who likes to learn how to make better, healthier & more balanced choice of food for yourself. 

And if you are willing to pursue more holistic, natural approach to achieve your goals through dietary and life style adjustment, this is for you.


*skype session also available

Full session $150 (reg.$250) : including an initial full counseling & 1 follow up session (45min) (and weekly email exchange). *no refundable once paid

  *$60/each : follow up session (w/weekly emails) after the first follow up. 

Package 1 $200 (reg.$300) : including initial full session & 2 follow ups

Package 2 $275 (reg.$375) : including initial full session, 2 follow ups & 1 cooking lesson

  *Packages are paid in advance, and no refund once it's processed.

This program does not interfere your medical treatment. However, consulting your physician is strongly recommended before consultation.

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