Workshop Series


Workshop Series


In this workshop series, I cover wide range of topics based on the concept of "Human Food Diet".

There are hundreds of types of diet, "super foods" or new dietary theories out there. Yet, the obese rate is not declining and more people seem to be suffering from health problems and chronic diseases. Now 1 in 3 Americans are expected to have diabetes by 2050!    One type of diet may work for some, but may not work for others because everybody is different. But wouldn't that be great if there is such a diet that we all can benefit from as human species ?

The first half will be a lecture, followed by Q&A & open discussion. (with healthy delicious snacks)

Topics I covered recently includes :

Spring Detox Beyond Green Juice

What is Human Food Diet? 

How Not to deceived by Fad Diet?

Finding "Inner -self", Gut Flora and Gut Health

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